The MFL department at Hardenhuish School in Chippenham recently ran an International Languages week, offering pupils the chance to explore different languages such as Arabic, British sign language, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Latin, and Russian.

This year, the event also included several new competitions, including the a French Spelling Bee for Year 7 and Spanish Spelling Bee for Year 8 pupils.

The winner of the Spanish Spelling Bee was Luke Harvey, with Charlie Collins in second place and Clyde Pangilinan in third place.

The winner of the French spelling bee was Katherine Gerty.

An international cake competition was also arranged, attracting plenty of excellent entries. The judges found it difficult to pick the winners but after a lot of cake tasting, the winners of the competition were Chloe Crossman with a carrot cake, Jacob Stanislaus with a German Swiss bake and Pixi Nickless-Mooney with a caramel and chocolate log.

The cakes were later sold and the money went to the charity helping the victims of the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala.