Friday night is pizza night for our family, and last night we decided to have a change from the home cooked variety at home and pay a visit to the Bath Pizza Company at Green Park in Bath.

Now you might not think that a restaurant next to a car park is that attractive, but actually I really liked it. By our arrival at just gone 6pm, a lot of the cars had gone and the long wooden benches, garden style backdrop and impressive old arched roof above made for a funky setting. The music too was to our liking – a great mixture of laid back, indie sounds at a volume neither too loud to be intrusive or too quiet to be an annoying murmur.

OK, the menu isn’t particularly exciting, focusing mainly on favourites such as margheritas, different types of chicken and a few vegetarian options, but there were also vegan choices plus the Judoka pizza raising money for the Bath MIND charity.

We went for a margherita for my youngest son and a parma for my daughter, with my wife choosing a spinaci (tomato, ricotta, spinach, artichoke, mozzarella, roasted garlic and parmesan) and me going all cave man with a meat feast. We were going for the £10 deal, which gave each of us a pizza and a drink. Go up to £12.50 each and you’ll also get a tub of Marshfield Ice Cream.

Right from the start, the service was just fantastic. I gave my order up at the hut where the pizzas are freshly cooked, and the team were totally fine about no pepper on that one and a little extra basil here please. When I explained that I also wanted a take-away pizza for son number two who couldn’t join us for the meal out, that was fine too, with a request from the chef that if we can let him know ten minutes before we were ready to leave, he’ll have that take away cooked fresh for us.

Our pizzas arrived quickly and I have to say, I have a new favourite pizza restaurant! My meat feast was fantastic – the perfect size, beautifully cooked and full of flavour. With a glass of house red as an accompaniment, the combination of pepperoni sausage, salami and fresh sausage was gorgeous.

My family appeared equally impressed with their choices, with not single criticism from anyone. OK, extra parmesan and basil were requested from the perfectly attentive waitress, which was supplied with no fuss at all.

In fact, the only criticism was that perhaps the wooden benches aren’t that comfortable if you’re staying for a while, but as we were finished in no time, it wasn’t a great problem.

With the uneaten slices of my children’s pizzas packaged up to take home, and my other son’s take-away choice collected, we headed off on the shortest walk back to our car, parked just a few yards away in the Sainsbury’s car park.

We all really enjoyed out visit to the Bath Pizza Co, me particularly, and I’ll happily make it my choice for family pizzas out in the future. All in all, a very enjoyable family Friday pizza night out.