Little Voices performing arts is launching a news class teaching drama and singing to children aged 4-18 years. The classes will start from 23 January 2019 and will take place from 4-7pm at Manvers Street Baptist Church.

Classes will be either 30mins or 45mins in length, depending on age groups, and will alternate each week between singing and drama.

“At Little Voices we provide outstanding tuition, expert guidance, support and traditional methods of teaching drama and singing, while having fun at the same time,” explained Lorraine Mahoney. “The lessons are designed to help your child pursue a life on the stage as well as increasing their confidence in all areas of their life.”

Lorraine added that children are taught in groups of no more than eight pupils working towards musical theatre, drama, acting and communication exams through LAMDA (the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts).

“It’s really important that during the lesson the children enjoy a happy learning environment, with the children split into groups for Mini Voices, Little Voices or Voices group.”

Any interested in enjoying the lessons is invited to call Lorraine on 07756 312881 to discuss their child’s interests and book a free trial lesson.