The Bath Strings Academy is holding a Family Music Weekend where parents and children will be encouraged to play together.

This special event will take place at Widcombe Junior School in Bath, and will feature an interactive presentation on Friday 19 October (7.00 -9.30pm) for parents who wish to know more about how best to support their child in learning a musical instrument. The session will focus on discussing successful practice strategies, designed to accelerate learning whilst making it fun for all involved.

This will be followed by a practical hands-on half day workshop on Sunday 21 October (10am – 1pm). As practice is a topic that is relevant to every musical learner, the Family Music Weekend first session will be open to parents of instrumentalists of ALL types.

“The workshop element of the Family Music Weekend is a parent and child half day course, where we envisage that parents of string players will come and play alongside their child (even if they don’t play themselves), borrowing a violin to use during the session,” explained Michelle Falcon from the Bath Strings Academy.

“It will also be open to any child or parent who wants to try out a violin, viola or cello as a taster session and to parents of non-string players. We will have a number of instruments available to hire for the morning for a small additional charge. It should be a great deal of fun with the children taking the role of ‘expert’ and teaching their parents for the day!”