A presentation on the subject of Neuro Development /Movement Therapy and how it can help children is being held at the Weston Hub in Bath on 21 November.

The presentation will be run by Jacqui Ellis, a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Neuro-Developmental Practitioner, and aimed at the parents and carers of children who struggle in a number of areas, including –

– Difficulty in sitting still
– Need to be ‘on the move’ much of the time
– Poor sitting posture, particularly at the meal table or when working at a desk
– Difficulty learning to dress – do up buttons, tie shoelaces, put clothes on the right way round
– Difficulty using a knife and fork
– Writing problems
– Immature pencil grip
– Reading problems
– Spelling problems
– Difficulty catching a ball
– Difficulty riding a bicycle
– Either very good at sport but avoids written work or, avoids sport
– Poor impulse control
– History of being early (10 months) or late (16 months) at learning to walk
– History of being late at learning to talk

“Sometimes we see our children struggling to do everyday things, learn new things or to cope with new situations,” explained Jacqui. “Similarly they may seem a little off balance or un-coordinated, but we do not know why – it just does not seem to make sense or match-up.

“The reasons for these struggles may be the continued presence of baby/primitive reflexes within the child’s central nervous system (CNS). A number of these reflexes should be present at birth to enable us to survive the first six months of our lives. As we grow, we follow ‘Nature’s Gym Programme’, going through a developmental sequence of movements that enable maturation and transformation of these baby/primitive reflexes and the development of secondary/postural reflexes that then stay with us for the rest of our lives.

“Neuro-Developmental Therapy (NDT) INPP Method is the assessment and diagnosis of physical factors that may underlie specific learning difficulties, under achievement and behavioural problems. My presentation will show how these can be overcome by undertaking a daily movement programme of prescribed exercises designed to improve the physical maturity within an individual’s central nervous system (CNS).

“The programme is completely drug free, non-invasive and appropriate for children aged approximately seven years and above.”

The presentation runs from 10.30am-12.30pm and costs £4 per person. Tickets are available through Eventbrite by clicking here.