In 2019, youth charity Mentoring Plus celebrates 21 years of supporting young people facing challenges across Bath & NE Somerset. To mark this milestone and celebrate National Kindness Day, the charity is announcing the Mentoring Plus Kindness Awards 2019.

“We know from our work with schools that there are some incredibly inspiring figures in our education and young people’s sector,” explained Ruth Kelly from Mentoring Plus. “Our young people tell us that kindness is such a vital quality, making all the difference in difficult times.

“A kinder education system is part of our Young People’s Manifesto, and we want their voices to be heard by celebrating the value of kindness among the people who help them.

“At a time when the education sector is under unprecedented pressure from budget cuts and attainment targets, we want the transformative and cost-free quality of kindness to be applauded from the roof tops.

“Why now? For 21 years, our trained and supported community volunteers have provided time, space and positive activities to 7-21 year olds struggling with anxiety, family difficulties, problems in school and poor mental wellbeing.

“As we reach our 21st birthday, the charity is securing its community hub premises to provide a space for more vulnerable young people to access support. We’re delivering a new Council-commissioned programme supporting students in school and their families, responding to demand for staff CPD in schools to help support students facing difficulties, and building a strategic partnership with Bath Spa Faculty for Education.

“2019 is the perfect time to work with young people, fellow professionals, schools and volunteers in our community to celebrate kindness.”

Ruth added thanks to the support of the Bath chapter of generosity network Good For Nothing (GFN) in helping us plan, promote and deliver the Kindness Awards over the next 12 months.

“With their help and the close involvement of teachers, pastoral care staff, local organisations and of course our young people, we’ll be announcing the award categories and nomination process in the next few months.”

For anyone who would like to be involved with the initiative, they are invited join the GFN Gig Night on Wed 5 Dec at 6pm, at Boston Tea Party, Alfred Street, Bath. For more details go to