Sarah Jones and her children enjoy two hours of Christmas-themed, child-focused rock fun

It all started when Rocktopus has visited my children’s school a few weeks ago. We hadn’t even left the playground before my children were keen to tell me all about the special visitors and their session of song writing with the whole primary school. My five and seven-year-olds were hooked and insisted we watched their YouTube channel that same night!

So when we saw Rocktopus were having a special Christmas show in Komedia, featuring a visit from Father Christmas himself, we didn’t hand around to book our tickets.

I must admit to not being too sure what to expect, but with the large number of excited children walking into the show, I thought we would be in for a treat. The dance floor was ready with music and lights, while for the children who didn’t want to go straight into dancing, there was a huge table with paper and pens to help create a special ‘Rocktopus’ banner. There was also a section selling band merchandise and a face painting station to get in the party feeling!

Before long we were counting down to meeting Rocktopus, who consisted of Tom and Andy in the rock band, and The Oceanettes who helped with the dance routines. Described as ‘the ultimate rock band for kids and families, their set includes songs that were engaging for all ages of children and adults alike, with easy to follow fun dances for all abilities (even I coped, and secretly maybe enjoyed it more than the children!).

After several dances, hi-fives, spinning around, making a giant circle of everyone on the dance floor and a quick game of musical statues with a rock theme, it was time for a well-earned rest. Well, apart from my seven-year-old who continued to dance on the dance floor with thanks to the bubble machine.

The second half of the show commenced with the much-anticipated visit from Father Christmas. He added even more fun to the show, meeting the children and listening to their songs which had been written in some of the local schools. He maybe wasn’t the most convincing Santa, with my five-year-old protesting he was a fake, but it certainly added fun to the show.

With the party coming to an end it was obvious some children were feeling exhausted. Mine certainly slept well that night, after the fun-packed, energetic two hours.

I would really recommend seeing Rocktopus, they had a certain magic in engaging everyone in the room. OK, yes, my two children might have had more fun if they had gone to the party with a large group of friends. Saying that, I enjoyed the opportunity to dance with them before they get to an age where they would just find me far too embarrassing!

You can find out more about Rocktopus on their website including upcoming events and even join their fan club for special discounts.