The date is set for this year’s Bath Carnival, with organisers already planning a new programme of creative activities, carnival procession and free World music festival.

On Saturday 13 July Bath will become the backdrop for another colourful carnival parade featuring professional street bands, dance groups, walkabout acts, enormous costumes, sound systems, children from local schools, charities and community groups.

Photo: Casper Farrell

Last year over 30,000 people are estimated to have watched the carnival procession.

The free World music and combined arts festival will be returning to Sydney Gardens after a record number of over 13,000 attended throughout the day and evening last year.

The 2019 theme will be announced on Wednesday 6 February at the carnival’s annual ‘Thankyou Event’.

Photo: Casper Farrell

Carnival Organiser, Stuart Matson, said, “The atmosphere surrounding the carnival last year was incredible and seeing so many thousands of people supporting from the streets was the perfect reward for our amazing team of volunteers who worked so hard to make it all happen.

“The stark reality is that we are seeing funding for the arts cut at every level and of course we now have the closure of the B&NES Council Arts Development service, so grass-roots arts organisations such as Bath Carnival have never been more important for the city.

Photo: Casper Farrell

“Having set this year’s date we will be working around the clock to raise enough funds so that on the big day the people of Bath can come together to celebrate their community and experience the magic of carnival.”

Schools throughout B&NES are invited to take part in the new programme of creative activities, including costume making, drama, music and dance. Each participating school will be reserved a place in the procession on Saturday 13 July, with children having the unique experience of performing in front of thousands of people alongside professional carnival artists.

Lead Artist, Hannah Southfield, said, “We had a record number of school children involved in last year’s project and we are looking to build on that this year. With the addition of performance arts this year we hope that children will be even more confident in their final performance and have even more fun!”