Children from Corsham Primary school were recently given the chance to run the school for a day as a result of pupils elections.

“Every year we run a political election where the 90 children in Year 5 split into nine parties and canvas the 620 children of Corsham Primary to vote for them,” explained Kerry Parker, Head of School at Corsham Primary Broadwood. “The winning party then gets to run the school for a day in Year 6.

“The result of the latest election saw the school run efficiently and effectively for a day by the children of the ‘Resilient Recycler Party’, a group of excellent leaders from Broadwood and Pound Pill. Amongst other things, they kept our finances in order, made learning walks to ensure teachers were upholding the curriculum set and provided quality reading time for the Senior Leadership Team.

“This was on a day when children around the globe were making a stand against any inaction over climate change. We are so very proud of our children who ensure that we all take responsibility for how we look after our school. We recycle, we reuse and we reduce what we use on a daily basis for we are all responsible for the world we live in.”