For local mum Jenny Minton, the forthcoming birth of her child led her on a journey that has seen her launch a new hypnobirthing antenatal course in Bath. The result is Bath Hypnobirthing, which Jenny describes as “A logical and compelling antenatal course which will equip you with the tools, knowledge and confidence you need to have a positive birthing experience.”

“When I became pregnant in 2016, the forthcoming birth of my baby was at the back of my mind as something very far off that would probably not be pleasant. The bigger my son grew inside me however, the more I felt the need to prepare for how he would be getting out!

“I kept hearing this word ‘hypnobirthing’- women were having beautiful birthing experiences that they actually enjoyed! Birth partners were not only involved in the process, but vital. I booked a course and my sceptical husband and his very raised eyebrows looked on…

“It turns out that hypnobirthing is just birth preparation, logical and natural. My husband’s eyebrows relaxed. We did the course and the practice. We felt calm, informed and excited, and the birth of our son went on to be a magical experience for us.”

In fact, the impact that it has on Jenny’s life was so great that she couldn’t stop talking about hypnobirthing everywhere she went! “The effect was ongoing and profound, and I couldn’t help but think everyone needed this information. The default state for women still seems to be fear when it comes to childbirth, that it is something to endure before they get to meet their baby. We are not routinely taught how we can achieve a positive, empowering birth experience. I wanted to do something towards helping change that, so I trained as a teacher with KGHypnobirthing, the UK’s original hypnobirthing course, and Bath Hypnobirthing was born.”

Jenny added that the Bath Hypnobirthing course is designed to help release misconceptions or fears that parents-to-be might have about birth. “Ideally, we start the course when mums-to-be are around 20 weeks pregnant, which means they have plenty of time to practice. They will learn the physiology of birth and how, when supported, birth works smoothly and easily. They also learn how to reach a state of deep relaxation, along with endorphin-releasing, pain-relieving massage and breathing techniques. Birth partners will be taught about their key role and learn how best to support the labouring woman.

“We also cover the options and preferences for birth, the parent’s rights and how to communicate well with caregivers. My aim is that this course will make you look forward to the birth of your baby with excitement and fill you with the confidence you need to have a wonderful birth.”

Jenny offers both private and group KGHypnobirthing classes both at her house in Weston, Bath and at her clients’ houses. Group sessions cost £295 per couple and private sessions cost £390 per couple (subject to location).