Paulton-based mother of three, Rosie Dedman, is relaunching her photography business after maternity leave with her youngest. Photos By Rose, set up in 2017, offers a bespoke, relaxed photography experience to parents and their young families, from maternity photography to beautiful newborn imagery, family sessions in lavender fields to children’s parties.

“I set the business up after the arrival of my second child, really due to a combination of the cost of childcare, me wanting to be at home for my children and my desire to do something more hands on and creative,” recalls Rosie.

“I decided to specialise in newborns and small children because I’m passionate about capturing the essence of family and childhood – from tiny fingers and toes, to role play, potions and dens – documenting those smaller moments as well as the milestones. For me, it’s about creating memories and recording the ‘every day’ for parents to treasure for years to come.

“The tagline of Photos by Rose is ‘Cherish Children, Cherish Childhood’, which is a testament to how I feels about allowing children to be children.”

Rosie’s passion for photography came from an early love of travelling and meeting people, which led her to a sales role in which she has the opportunity to photograph places worldwide, including the Bund in Shanghai, the Taj Mahal in India and Koala Bears in Australia. Twelve years on, her subject of choice turned to her children and helping other families capture memories and special moments while their children are small.

“There’s a real challenge to combining being a working parent and running a business,” she adds. “It’s all about juggling photography sessions, the many hours of editing, marketing, networking and admin, with your own childcare and wanting to be around for your own family.

Rosie finds that she works best with a routine – she takes her smallest two children to various local toddler groups most mornings and then in the afternoon they have ‘quiet’ time before the school run, interspersed with checking emails or messages. However, the majority of her work gets done in the evenings or after the kids are in bed.

Rosie Dedman (Photo Jen Allen)

“And yes, there is the constant feeling of guilt, trying to be fully present for my children, whilst at the same time trying to get work done. However, at the end of the day, my priority is my children, and I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to combine my two passions, family and photography, in a successful way.”

Rosie offers photography sessions mostly on the weekends or school holidays at the moment, but come September when her toddler has funded childcare, she will be opening up more sessions during the week.

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