There was great excitement in Bathford Church School last week as it hosted the Bath Hub inter-school Reception Sports Event.

The school’s Year 4 children organised the event, planning their own activities that would interest and challenge four and five-year-old children for two hours. The activities were either games invented by the children, such as ‘catch the hedgehog’, or better known alternatives, such as gymnastics, football relay and javelin.

180 Reception children from other Bath Hub schools attended the event, including pupils from Bathwick St Mary Church School, St Saviour’s Infants Church School, Batheaston Church School and Swainswick C of E Primary School.

“Everyone was very lucky that we had a day without rain for our first ever hosting of the Reception inter-school sports event,” said Karen Sykes, Head Teacher at Bathford School. “Our Year 4 class teacher, Miss Lynnette Baily, and our PE lead, Miss Hannah Burgin, supported the Year 4 children in using their sporting knowledge and their leadership skills to plan the morning out.

“Everyone had a fantastic time and all 180 Reception children got to try out some new skills and games. As our site was the perfect site for the event, we’ll definitely be asking to host it again next year.”