Four former University of Bath students, including double Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington, have competed in the 2019 UK Challenge to raise money for the Bath Area Play Project (BAPP).

The UK Challenge is the world’s largest corporate team building event and takes place across three days in a different location each year. This year’s stunning setting was Snowdonia and last week, the team took part in a number of strategic, intelligence and physical-based challenges, all designed to push the competitors to their physical and mental limits, and all completed on very little sleep – about four hours per night!

Despite the huge physical effort and the mentally complex challenges, the team performed exquisitely well and finished a very respectable 22nd place out of circa 90 teams from a range of corporate companies, including: Accenture, Adidas, PWC, Warburtons and many more.

In fact, the former students were the highest non-corporate team. They were absolutely honoured to win the Marhsal’s Sporting Award, given in recognition to the team with the most sporting conduct and who treated the circa 40 marshals with the most respect and interaction.

The team is raising funds for BAPP, a Bath-based voluntary organisation and Registered Charity whose mission is to provide safe, inclusive and fun play-opportunities, spaces and classes to underprivileged and less-abled or disabled children.

The opportunity still exists to donate vital funds for the Bath Area Play Project by clicking here.