Staff, students and parents are celebrating news that Wellsway School in Keynsham has been confirmed as Good in all areas following a two-day Ofsted inspection.

The inspection, which took place in June, reported that the school deserved the rating it was given in January 2018 and has continued to improve ever since. Wellsway was judged to be ‘Good’ for results; quality of teaching; effective leadership; behaviour and welfare; and for its sixth form.

Principal Matthew Woodville said he was delighted at the validation from Ofsted and the report’s many positive comments, and he vowed to ensure the school kept on getting better.

The inspectors said that Mr Woodville had been ‘determined and purposeful in his efforts to drive up the quality of teaching and behaviour’.

Lead inspector, Steve Smith, praised teachers’ strong subject knowledge and the school’s curriculum that met the needs of all. The inspection team agreed that students at all levels made good progress and higher-ability students were challenged.

‘Leadership at different levels in the school is strong. Leaders have raised expectations of staff and pupils,’ the report said.

Mr Smith said Wellsway School felt harmonious to visitors. He highlighted the positive relationships, tolerance and mutual respect in the school, and that absence and exclusion rates were found to be reducing.

‘Pupils are polite, personable and good humoured. They generally get on well together and are tolerant and accepting of difference,’ his report said.

‘Leaders are shaping the school’s provision to ensure that pupils have a rounded school experience that promotes pastoral well-being and academic success equally.’ The wide range of extra-curricular activities and the high-quality careers advice was highlighted.

The sixth form was also judged to be Good. The inspector noted that in 2018, more than 40% of students achieved places at Russell Group universities.

The inspection team acknowledged that some of the many changes to systems, routines and culture in the school in recent years had not been popular with everyone but said they had been made with good reason to drive up standards.

Ofsted praised Wellsway Multi Academy Trust for providing leadership expertise, resourcing and financial support, creating opportunities for staff and holding the school to account. The important role played by governors was also recognised.

Mr Woodville commented, “The report and grading reflects the improvements made since 2016 and is the result of everyone’s hard work and collaboration to make the school the best it can be for the young people we serve. I extend my thanks to the Wellsway Multi Academy Trust for the support it provides, to staff for their commitment and hard work, to parents and to students.

“While we want to celebrate this success, we intend to build on it to ensure that Wellsway School provides the best all-round education possible.”

Andrea Arlidge, chief executive of Wellsway Multi Academy Trust, said, “Congratulations to everyone at Wellsway School on a very positive Ofsted report. WMAT is very proud of Wellsway School and appreciates Mr Woodville’s strong leadership and the hard work he and his team of staff have put in to achieve this judgement.

“We also know how determined everyone is to continue to improve and we look forward to seeing the school go from strength to strength.”