The best fair around is paying a welcome visit to Bath’s Victoria Park and we’ve been along to enjoy the fun

The boys were spoilt for choice – which ride to enjoy next? They had already taken on the challenges of the Dodgems and Jets, while the Victory Dive Bomber was looking like the favourite next stop.

Yes, Carters Steam Fair is in town and we couldn’t be happier. This is without doubt the best fair around and a great experience for a family trip out. Throughout, the rides are fun, the staff friendly and polite, and the whole atmosphere far more welcoming than other, more modern fairs we’ve visited in the past.

Carters is all about old-time fair ground fun, with some of the traditional rides dating right back to the early part of the last century, and yet so lovingly and skilfully preserved, that they’re still a joy to ride.

We turned out for a spot of Sunday morning fun and after picking up our ride tokens from the ticket office, were soon planning our route around the rides.

The dodgems were first off, with us each taking a different car to enjoy swerving, bumping and even the occasional dodge. As the rock n roll music pushed us on, so the family rivalry soon dissolved into laughter, as we were straight away having the times of our lives.

If you like the faster rides, head for the Skid where the controller call of, “Scream if you want to go faster,” was immediately greeted with happy yells from the passengers. As with all of the staff, the guy in charge was a delight, appearing to be enjoying the experience as much as the customers.

While we headed for the faster, higher and scarier rides, there was also plenty for younger visitors, with the Toy Town carousel and the Train Ride proving popular, alongside the Hook A Duck.

With a quick stop for candy floss and cuppa for dad, we were soon back in the fray, the boys paying two visits to the amazing sky rocket experience of the Victory Dive Bomber, before the Jets gave us a birds’ eye view of the fair and Dodgems lured us back for a second go.

Throughout our morning of fun, the atmosphere across the fair was very family-friendly, from the staff running to the rides to the lady serving the candy floss and lovely couple manning the traditional slot machines. If you love fairs, then you must give Carters a go. If fairs aren’t your thing, here’s a great chance to try again. We’ll certainly be back…

Carters Steam Fair will be at Victoria Park in Bath until 18 August. To find out more, click here