Applications are being invited to become the next BaNES Member of Youth Parliament (MYP). As a MYP, the successful applicant will have the opportunity to effect real social change both within the local community and nationally. MYPs have the opportunity to attend the House of Commons, taking part in a chaired and televised debate.

The current MYP, Niall Bowen (pictured above), will be standing down at the end of his two-year term.

All potential MYPs will also be required to being part of the Youth Forum which takes place every other Monday at the Off the Record, Bath office.

To put themselves forward, young people aged between 11 and 18 years must register to attend the Manifesto day on the 23 November. During that day, applicants will have the opportunity to meet with local council members, the current MYP and the Youth Forum. They will work on creating their own manifesto and get a better understand of the role.

Once manifestos have been created, they will be circulated to local schools and youth groups to vote upon. Results will be announced in February, just after the vote, at the Guildhall. An invitation to all those who have taken part, professionals and young people, will be extended in the upcoming months.

For any more information, please get in contact with Off the Record at