Year 3 to 6 pupils at Heywood Prep in Corsham have recently collaborated on an art project to encourage them to think about their talents and how they all have different strengths. The project is part of a ‘power of positivity’ theme that runs throughout all elements of the school, aimed at promoting wellbeing in all of the pupils.

The results of the art project have been brought together in a colourful display of ‘positivity flowers’ that now hang in the school hall. Leonora Martin, Head of Upper Prep, explained, “The project reminds us every day about the diverse and inspiring pupil body we have a Heywood Prep. Children’s superpowers range from ‘being good at spelling’ to ‘being awesome at rugby’. This project has been a visual celebration of the importance of difference, tying in with another of Heywood Prep’s core values of focusing on the child as an individual and adapting our curriculum and pastoral care empower each pupil.

“At a time when creative arts are being squeezed out of the National Curriculum, at Heywood Prep we believe that offering pupils ‘time to create’ is essential not only in developing valuable creative skills but also in offering a rounded education to our pupils at this crucial stage in their education,” added Leonora. “Pupils throughout the school enjoy a dedicated lesson each week and from Year 3 these sessions are taught by a specialist art teacher.”