Play Healing, a parenting organisation based in the South West of England, is launching Online MasterMind: Managing Tech For Emotional Health, aimed at parents who want to safeguard the emotional well-being of their children.

The founder of Play Healing, Debi John, is an experienced Therapeutic Play Practitioner, family coach, teacher, wife musician, and mum of two teenagers.

“One of the main challenges facing British parents today is the significant presence of technology in the home,” says Debi. “Devices, such as mobile phones and tablet computers can be life-enhancing, yet for some children, they can have a damaging impact on behaviour, sleeping patterns, educational achievement and well-being.”

Debi explained that the MasterMind courses, which draw on the latest neuroscience, will seek to equip parents by addressing some of the following key topics:

– How to find a balance with screen-time and gaming in the family home.

– How and why it is important to disconnect from tech to reconnect with your children.

– The dangers of too much screen time & social media.

– How to connect and make the most of the time with our children in practical and playful ways.

– Family framework – building a unique family framework that will last & prevent unnecessary harm.

“The MasterMind will help parents to feel confident to lead and make conscious choices and create their own Family Framework and most importantly, a plan for managing tech in the home,” added Debi.

“At Play Healing, we combine the healing power of play with the latest research and knowledge about technology and its effect on emotional health.”

Debi’s YouTube video introducing the TechBox and how it can be used in the home has gained a lot of traction about the tech box has helped parents manage tech in the home using creativity & participation.

To find out more about Mastermind from Play Healing, click here