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Children from Year 3 at The Paragon school recently enjoyed a visit to No.1 Royal Crescent in Bath.

The beautiful Georgian house is presented as it might have been during the period 1776 – 1796 when the wealthy land owner Henry Sandford rented it. The two classes from the Paragon were introduced to the housekeeper and learned all about the lives of the servants and footmen who would have lived tiring lives, dedicated to maintaining a comfortable house for their master.

The children then explored upstairs in the master’s study, dining rooms and bedrooms. It was even more atmospheric as the house had just been ‘dressed’ for Christmas!

The children were particularly fascinated to learn that the Georgians used to soak their clothes in urine to remove stains, before giving them a good rinse, and that wig scratchers were needed because the intricate wigs were prone to lice infestation. 

They also discovered that sugar was a very expensive luxury and presented as a cone which could be sliced, while the housekeeper would have kept spices under lock and key to ensure that they weren’t stolen!

All photos by Anna Barclay