Ian Waller and his family check out the incredible variety of desserts available at Bath’s newest eatery

Could the evening get any better? We’d just enjoyed a visit to the always excellent Little Theatre cinema in Bath for a family film night and the weekend was beckoning, meaning a break from school! All that we needed now was the chance to enjoy a little pudding-based indulgence.

Fortunately for us, Creams Cafe Bath has just opened on Avon Street, just off Kingsmead Square, and my boys had barely made it through the door before their eyes were popping out on stalks at the range of brightly coloured gelato available.

Eventually I managed to entice the boys away to one of the US-style booths to check out the incredibly busy menu. Seriously, there is an awful of choice here, ranging from sundaes, waffles and crepes, to sorbets, cheesecakes and even a good old sticky toffee pudding!

Still, with barely a pause for breath, the boys had chosen. While my youngest went for the Pop Fizz Sundae, featuring blue bubblegum gelato, strawberry gelato, Creams soft vanilla ice cream, bubblegum sauce, strawberry sauce, popping candy, sherbet and a Creams wafer, his older brother preferred to go for the ‘invent your own’ option. This resulted in a combination of cookie dough gelato and strawberry sauce, complete with Ferraro Rocher and mini meringue toppings.

While I’m not really a pudding type of bloke, there was no way I was going to let the young ‘uns have all the fun, so I jumped in with a Hot’n’Cold Chocolate Fudge Volcano, featuring hot chocolate fudge cake with a mound of Creams soft vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce and milk chocolate shavings, all finished with a Creams wafer.

Throughout our visit, the staff at Creams were friendly, welcoming and great with the children. In fact, the desserts hadn’t even arrived and my youngest was asking if he could return for his birthday party – which fortunately for him, is an option at Creams.

In no time the frozen, multi-coloured, multi-layered puds had arrived and the boys eyes were popping out again! This was serious sugar-loaded treat time. The boys dived in, their long-handled spoons picking off the toppings before digging down deep to the bottom of the glass sundae bowls.

OK, yes, the super-sweetness of the offering meant while mine looked great and tasted pretty good, I still struggled to finish it. There was no such problem for the boys – I’ve rarely seen them to quiet and focused on their food! For them this was a great experience, snug in their booth, getting a week’s worth of sugar in a ten minute blast and loving every minute of it.

“How’s it going boys?” was answered with smiles through cream-smothered mouths, complemented by the odd stray sparkle on the end of my youngest’s nose.

So yes, the visit to Creams Cafe in Bath was big success. For younger palates, this place could well become a favourite, with plenty more flavours to try and combination to experiment with. For us oldies, fortunately they serve a good old cup of tea as well. Mind you, that sticky toffee pudding might be worth a go…