A spooky night out and one that’s definitely not child-friendly!

Do you like being scared? I mean, properly ‘jump out of your seat with a scream’ scared? If the answer is yes, then pop along to the Theatre Royal in Bath and take in the horror of Ghost Stories, the scariest piece of on-stage this side of The Woman in Black…

This production is absolutely not one for the children – it’s a 90 minute exploration of what makes us scared and how to do a good job of it, complete with greats sets and super surprising special effects.

Right from the start, the unusual glow from industrial style lighting that is draped around the theatre’s auditorium gives you a feel that tonight isn’t going to be your usual theatre visit. And then, as the main house lights lower, the sensory overload begins, immediately putting your nerves on edge in preparation for what is to come.

What’s follows is a cleverly paced re-introduction to some of classic horror scenarios that we’ve all seen before – the creepy old psychiatric hospital, the broken down car on a dark country road, the room in a house where everything isn’t what is seems – but all very cleverly wrapped up within a lecture on parapsychology by Professor Goodman – wonderfully portrayed by Joshua Higgott.

In fact, early on, you might think you’ve stumbled into real a lecture, as the professor chats to audience, even asking for our input. Soon, however, things start to turn just a little bit creepy.

To detail the plot any further would only give the away the twists and turns that follow. What can be said is that the performances from all of the cast are superb, suitably over the top at times, but only in a way that fits the production. Yes, there are times when the pace is a little slow, but to good effect as the tension builds.

With no intermission for a stiff drink, Ghost Stories delivers a lesson in old school scariness with a touch of modern creative energy. The result is excellent – hugely enjoyable and sure to have you sneaking a peak behind the dark seats beside you, just to check what might be lurking there.

Ghost Stories runs at the Theatre Royal, Bath until 18 January 2020. For more details and to book tickets – if you date – click here.