Steph Cadey and her young son enjoy a piece of classic children’s theatre

Wow! Today was the first time I had been to the egg theatre in Bath and it was amazing! There’s even a ball pit for the children to play in, while you can order food and drinks to enjoy before the performance… My son and I are so coming back, and we hadn’t even got into the play yet!

I’d taken my 18 month old son, Edward, to see today’s show, Snow Mouse, which we found out is a massive favourite of Bath audiences – this is the latest of the show’s regular visits to the egg. Once inside the cosy auditorium, we were transported into a snowy crisp winter wonder land. It’s just a pity on the one day I hadn’t worn socks, we were asked to take our shoes off!

Surrounded by a blanket of snow, we snuggled together on fluffy white cushions, taking in the magical atmosphere of the scenery, while Edward gazed at the glitter ball on the ceiling which shone round the room, creating a cascade of glittery snowflakes.

The story began with a young child who came amongst us trying to gather winter clothes and belongings, before setting off to have fun in the trees and hills outside. Just as he starts to feel a little lonely, he stumbles upon a snoring, sleeping mouse under a blanket of snow.

The pair explore the winter forest together, sliding, jumping, laughing and playing games on the frozen pond. Edward found it particularly funny when the young child was beginning to feel hungry and the mouse could hear his tummy rumbling, before they enjoyed a picnic together. There follows fun and adventures for the two new friends, all of which was a real hit with my son, who sat entranced throughout.

At just 45 minutes long, this is the perfect production for younger children, who might grow restless at anything longer. As it was, this was a wonderful introduction to the egg theatre, with a show that I would happily recommend to anyone with a young family aged six months to four years.

Snow Mouse at the egg theatre runs until 2 February 2020. For more details and tickets, click here