Written by Beth Stanger, Year 6, Christchurch Primary School

Year 6 pupils at Christ Church Primary School in Bradford-on-Avon will fall silent on Friday 24 April 2020. No, the cat hasn’t got their tongue – their voices are being silenced to raise money for their leavers fund!

Normally the pupils would raise money through activities at school, but with schools closed across the country, they have had to take an alternative approach. Friends and family are being encouraged to donate. Apart from the opportunity to help fund the leavers party, beleaguered parents may get some welcome peace and quiet at home. The pupils will mark the end of their silence at 3.15pm, when they will make a lot of noise on a video call together. 

Beth practicing for the sponsored silence

The silence was organised by Beth in class 6AH, who wrote to the headteacher and originally gained permission to hold it in school. “Despite not being physically together during the silence, I still think it will be a nice bonding experience,” said Beth. “The more money we raise, the better the party will be. I apologise in advance for the noise when we finish!”

Sophie (main picture), a pupil in class 6AD, added, “It will be quite hard staying quiet, I’m not usually the quiet type.  But I’m looking forward to help raise money for our year. It’s been quite hard being off school – it’s really weird not seeing my friends everyday. I’m looking forward to making lots of noise at the end of the sponsored silence and I’m going to see if I can hear my friends across town”.

The link to the online donations page is: https://www.gofundme.com/f/y6-sponsored-silence if you wish to sponsor them. The children hope to have their party by the end of the summer term, or whenever the easing of coronavirus restrictions allows.