Kelly Brunt of Smart Advice Financial Solutions offers her view of why the current lockdown could offer the perfect opportunity to release money from your home to add value

Summer is coming, the kids are off school already. Holidays are probably going to be a lot closer to home, if not at home, this year. Many of us have started spring cleaning and enjoying small DIY projects around the house already – just to keep occupied, but have you really considered the financial benefits of home improvements? In a world of unknown, to add value to your home by giving it that new look you have always been meaning to get around to, can really increase the future re-saleability and property appeal, as well as potentially increasing the value of the property.

Whatever your aspirations are, time at home is no longer an issue for many of us, the only sticking point is money. As a mortgage adviser, this is where I would recommend to consider remortgaging.

·  You can release money from your home to pay for home improvements or garden renovations 

·  You can lower your monthly outgoings and ease your stress by debt consolidating 

·  You can ensure family security by reviewing your family protection policies.

·  Even if you are considering moving or are already on the market to sell, you can lower your outgoings and interest by switching to a penalty free tracker for now.

The remortgage market is already adapting rapidly to life in lockdown, with underwriting staff at banks and building societies working from home and remortgage valuations of properties up to 85% being carried out online. In addition, there’s the very real possibilities of accepting scanned copies of title deeds and estate agents offering digital viewings and valuation services.

It could well  be a long summer, so why not make the most of it and release equity to add value to your property. Call a Smart Adviser at Smart Advice Financial Solutions on 01225 438920 to find out your options.