Coordinators of the Scrubs for the NHS – Bath group, Cerys Gasson, Juila George and Tracy Barnes, found themselves busier than they could have ever imagined over the last month and would now like to say a very big thank you to every single one of their 1118 volunteers.

Our group started in April in response to the urgent need for scrubs, and we could never have predicted how many people would answer the call to fire up their sewing machines to help and support our health care workers fighting on the front lines of this awful pandemic.

Eight-year-old twins, Lily-Rose and Skye, are our youngest volunteers that we know of. The girls really wanted to help so mum, Laurel, taught them how to use an overlocker then progressed onto a sewing machine to make bags.

We have been sewing scrubs, fabric gowns, scrub caps, headbands and laundry bags, and to date have made and donated over 5,500 items, including 850 pairs of scrubs, which have been provided mostly to local GPs and care homes in and around BANES.

We have also created a community that has been supporting each other through our sewing with a strong focus to create a very inclusive and supportive group with room for everyone who wants to help. At a time where so many of us have battled with the anxiety and loneliness of living in lockdown, an opportunity to work together doing something meaningful and positive has been a ray of light in a dark time.

Gabriela has made scrubs, hats, bags and gowns, while daughters Delia (9) and Sara (11) helped finish off the bags

There have been so many special moments; seeing the progress of beginners who have dusted off an inherited sewing machine and taught themselves to sew aided by advice and support from the group; seeing the many children who have learnt to sew to help out; and family members and neighbours have been roped into the production line.

We are so proud of what our volunteers have achieved in such a short space of time and could never thank them all enough. We hope to have the opportunity to meet properly and celebrate together one day very soon. 

Kit, aged 12, learned how to sew laundry bags. He said, “It’s a good skill to learn and good to be helping the people that help us.” Kit really enjoys his sewing and has also made a tweed coat for the family Schnauzer, Jeffrey.

To anyone out there who still needs items that you are unable to source or purchase, we are still here for you. Even though our requests are slowing down, we are very happy to keep sewing and are ready and willing to attend to any community need that can be resolved with fabric, a sewing machine and a lot of love. Our latest projects include making face coverings and laundry bags for nursery workers.

You can follow us on Facebook & Instagram @scrubsforthenhsbath or Twitter @scrubsforthenh1 to find our more about us. We can be contacted on email hidden; JavaScript is required for requests.