The Fireworks at your Fence display is taking place on 7 November at 7pm, and will be raising funds for 23rd Bath (Avonvale) Scouts. This year the Batheaston fireworks display will be launched from the south side of Little Solsbury Hill by Northern Lights, an award-winning fireworks company.  The display will be visible to nearly every house in Batheaston, Bathford, Bathampton, Larkhall and a large proportion of Bath. 

Over the last eight years, 23rd Bath Scouts have hosted around 1,000 locals from Batheaston in a field on a dark, cold November night and produced an event that is loved by the local community and has also been the primary fundraiser for the scouts. This year they have had to think differently! 

The display will start at 7pm on Saturday 7 November, with viewers invited to watch for their own houses. To check if you will be able to watch the event, check out the image at

“Before we can launch the fireworks, we need to reach a target of £3,000 funding via our crowdfunder page,” explained scout leader, Roger Chandler. “If this target is missed, the event will be cancelled and all the donations refunded, so keep an eye on their page at for more information and donate early if you would like to watch the ‘Fireworks at your Fence’.

“If the target is reached, the scouts will receive £450 and then 50% of any donations above this figure. The rest of the proceeds will be spent on the display.  The money raised will help the group buy equipment and provide financial assistance to members of the group who would otherwise be unable to attend events.”