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“There is sometimes a bit of an assumption that doulas and hypnobirthing are ‘a bit hippy’, or an expensive luxury that most people can’t afford,” explains Eleanor Gordon, otherwise known as Eleanor The Doula. “In fact there is so much science behind it, and there are so many benefits to having a doula and doing hypnobirthing, benefits that for some reason just aren’t widely known about. Improved maternal postnatal mental health and less likelihood of interventions in birth are just a couple.”

Eleanor is a mum of two, doula and hypnobirthing instructor who lives in Colerne, Wiltshire and providing birth preparation, hypnobirthing and postnatal support in and around Bath, Chippenham, Corsham, Bristol, Frome and the areas in between.  

She became a doula following the birth of her second daughter, looking for a role that could help her to support others during the preparation for childbirth and the birth itself.

“When my second daughter was born, I had more confidence in what I was doing, but I now had the new situation of life with a lively three year old and a newborn baby. This was the turning point for me: I decided I wanted to make a career of supporting other women through this amazing, but at times, unbelievably tricky point in their lives. 

“I believe postnatal support and care should be available for every parent for as long as they need it. Every parent deserves it. So when the opportunity came up for me to train with Kicki Hansard at the Birthbliss academy and began my career as a doula, I decided to go for it.”

Now Eleanor offers a range of services, all aimed at helping mums-to-be, and new mums, experience the very positive side of becoming a parent.

Birth preparation

“A birth preparation session allows me to explain to a mum-to-be about the physiology of birth, focusing on what your body is perfectly capable of doing, and giving you confidence and trust in yourself and your ability to birth your baby. I will talk you through the options you have during labour, the choices you may need to make, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

‘We will talk about your birth plan, what you hope for and any worries or fears you may have. We will also talk about the very first part of the postnatal period – when you meet your baby for the first time!”

Postnatal preparation

“A postnatal preparation session allows us to talk about the fourth trimester: how you may be feeling; feeding (however you choose to, I won’t judge); practical things like bathing your baby, clipping nails and changing nappies; sleep; and your very important self-care.  


“I am also a trained hypnobirthing instructor, offering classes online and in person, with discounts to those who are also doula clients. 

“Hypnobirthing provides you with in-depth knowledge of birth physiology and information so that you can make informed decisions regarding the birth of your baby. This, and the combination of the tried and tested relaxation scripts and breathing techniques, equips you to have a calm, fear-free and empowering birth, however you birth your baby. For more information on KG Hypnobirthing, see” 

Postnatal support packages 

“The postnatal period is incredible, but it can also be very challenging. You have a crazy amount of hormones buzzing around, you’re completely exhausted and you have to make a huge adjustment to life with your new baby. While you care for the baby, it is my job to care for you. I have two packages, and with them I offer:  

  • A birth debrief session giving you the chance to talk about your birth and celebrate the amazing thing you did. This is an opportunity for you to talk about any worries and to ask questions you may have. 
  • Non-judgmental support and information on feeding (however you choose to feed your baby); meal preparation (I can bring round the dish of your choice from my menu); light housework; a self-care plan; a gift package; a relaxation session; support with siblings and, very importantly, cakes or treats of your choice!  
  • The extras package includes support with outdoor trips when you’re ready for them (shopping, National Trust visits) and unlimited relaxations.  

“Additionally, I offer a birth debrief session as a stand-alone service, and a Beyond Postnatal session for those needing support once their baby is older than 6 weeks. 

“The support I provide is always without judgment, prejudice or bias. I will fully support you in all the choices you make. See my website – – and Instagram – @eleanorthedoula – for further information and to find out more about me.”