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This wasn’t our visit visit to the the Victoria Falls Adventure Golf course in Victoria Park, Bath, not by a long way – in fact, we’ve enjoyed countless family rounds over the last few years and always loved it. This time, however, was the best of all…

Just in time for the run up to Christmas, the 18 hole course has been given a festive make over with the course brilliantly illuminated in colourful neons, cleverly concealed lamps and even glow in the dark golf balls! This was Glow Golf Bath in all its multi-coloured magnificence.

After booking online, the early evenings meant there was just time for the children to enjoy a snack at home after school before we nipped off to test our skills. The ever super-friendly team at the golf course were on hand to dish out the clubs and coloured balls – seriously, these are so cool! – and ensure that the family groups of up to six are safely distanced, both for Covid requirements and to make sure that you can enjoy the fun without being rushed along by the next group.

Now this was a fun family evening event so there was none of the competitiveness that you might expect… OK, forget that, we were all out to win and right from the first pretty basic hole, we were working out the angles and trying our best to record the lowest scores.

In no time the holes become just a little more challenging – although certainly not too difficult for even the youngest participant, and we soon realised that skill had little to do with it – it’s more pure luck and good old school fun.

By the halfway stage the scores were pretty time and it was only one devilish hole, complete with an uphill path into a tiny hole, that really spread the field out. OK, yes, it took me 12 attempts to get anywhere near the hole while my ten year old got there in three!

By the end my 13 year old was crowned the winner, we had all enjoyed a great evening and there was still time for a hot chocolate and a pizza with the Bath Pizza Co.

Glow Golf Bath is open from 4.30pm every evening (last entry 8.45pm) until 24 December. Prices are adults £7.50, children £6.25, students £6.75 and a family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids) £24

We can so recommend the Glow Golf experience – in fact, it could well become a new Christmas tradition.