Former hostage, John McCarthy, will be taking part in an online presentation organised by The Wesley Society at Kingswood School in Bath. An Evening with John McCarthy – Lebanon Hostage Survivor will take place 11 March, from 7-8pm, with members of the community invited to take part. To purchase tickets, please click here

The event is part of a series of presentation arranged by The Wesley Society at the school, which will also welcome Justin Webb, the BBC’s former chief political radio correspondent in Washington, who will be talking about the aftermath of the US election.

The aim of The Wesley Society’s is to encourage and develop ideas and discussion on a wide range of subjects in order to foster the intellectual life of the individual and of the School. Meetings take place two-three times per term and all students are welcome. 

The format was revamped in 2018 to consist mainly of outside speakers across a range of different subjects, while also giving students the opportunity to practise their presentational skills. Having formed a successful partnership with Topping’s Book Store in 2019, and with the development of our Microsoft Teams presence, there is an exciting scope for this society in future years.

“It has been a particularly enjoyable task for me finding suitable speakers that would appeal to lots of different people across all age groups,” explained Mr Allchorne, Chairman of the Wesley Society. “We have also formed a symbiosis with Topping’s Book Store whereby we host their big speakers at Kingswood. I am truly excited about what is to come of this partnership in future years once we get back to ‘normality’.”-

Highlights for Kingswood in recent years have included Richard Dawkins (pictured above) answering questions about his new book, Outgrowing God, a live baking event with Kim-Joy (runner up in The GBBO Series 9) to promote her new baking book, Prof. David Nutt discussing evidence-based decisions to legalise drug use for medicinal purposes and Prof. Lewis Dartnell exploring detail about his book Origins, a fascinating insight into the planet’s history.