Gillian Corke from Coach From The Heart explains how she helps parents and sports coaches to solve problems and build relationships with children

As parents, sports coaches and people working and volunteering with children, we’re all really there for one reason, right? The kids.

I’m guessing that along the way you’ve found yourself in a few challenging situations – you know, the things that really push your buttons or those situations that keep you awake at night trying to work them out.

Coach from the Heart delivers live, online workshops and courses in Positive Discipline for parents and youth sports coaches. We have classes for youth sports coaches and parents working with mixed age groups, 0-3 year olds, teens and pre-schoolers. Through insightful experiential activities and group discussion, parents and coaches can discover the benefits of kind and firm interaction, encouragement over praise, and connection before correction.

Positive Discipline is a non-permissive and non-punitive approach to being with children. It helps families and coaches effectively solve problems while strengthening relationships and helping children take responsibility and learn life skills. We use principles and tools to coach and parent with dignity and respect, using kindness and firmness, in order to develop skills in kids for a successful life. 

Positive Discipline focuses on building respectful relationships — in homes, in classrooms and clubs — really everywhere. It offers a lot of very effective tools and strategies for teaching communication skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, and a lot more. And it does it in a way that is both kind AND firm. 

If you want to…

• Teach children life skills and values.
• Understand and respond to misbehaviour with loving guidance.
• Use kindness and firmness at the same time.
• Identify potential problems and develop skills to prevent them.
• Put love and joy into relationships with your children or those you coach.
• Resolve responsibility and role issues.
• Build effective communication between all club members…

…then you’re in the right place

These tools, based on Jane Nelsen’s book Positive Discipline, have been successful in 100,000s of homes and schools and are over 20 years in the making.

Introduction workshops (£15 for a two hour session) cover the basic principles of Positive Discipline and set out the programme for the six week courses (£65 for 6 weeks of 2 hour sessions). Classes take place live and online via zoom, so you can be comfy in your own home as you learn. Private bookings are also available for things like NCT groups, mutual interest groups, or friends and family who want to work together. Our next teen information evening is 23 February and the next mixed-age group starts 28 April. Other classes and schedules can be found on @coachfromtheheart

Gillian Corke is a Bath-based mum of three with 20+ years experience in education and a Positive Discipline Association member.