Bath photographer and mum of two, Betty Bhandari, has recently branched out to offer brand photography and professional head shots to local businesses through her company The Creative Collaboration.

“I’ve been a professional photographer for nine years and it’s now great to take the opportunity to help other businesses across the Bath and Bristol area to work on their brand photography,” said Betty.” This means that I work with a client to create a beautiful on-brand bank of images that perfectly portrays their business and what it is all about.

“The images can then be used on a website, social media and for marketing material, creating quality images which will help to attract ideal clients, increase sales and boost business.

Painter Emma Rose

“Being a mum of two under ten while running your own business is never an easy task. I manage by being very organised (I’m German), having a good morning routine (I’m often up before the kids to get a quiet hour of work in) as well as making the most of technology – I can run most business elements of my business from my phone!

“The appeal of working with companies to provide strong images means that the result is library of beautiful business photographs that helps them to create a consistent and engaging look throughout all their platforms – whether that’s on their website, marketing material, social media or advertising – and consequently become recognisable with your customers.”

For Betty, this has meant working with a range of companies including painter James Mortimer, health coach Lisa Barnes), Polly Jackson from Whole Lotta Knots, Frome Valley Osteopaths and book binder Edward Bayntun-Coward.

“I would love to work with small creative businesses such as makers, printers, ceramists, authors, writers, coaches, doulas and brand designers,” added Betty.

Krishnaa Shyam, manufacturer of luxury silk and cashmere scarves

Another of those company owners is Krishnaa Shyam, mum of two and owner of Krishnaa Shyam Bath, manufacturers of luxury silk and cashmere scarves. Krishnaa explained, “Working with Betty has been an an extremely easy process where she brought new insight into how my business is perceived and this helped me with the branding process of my scarves. Her pictures tell the story of my branding in a genuine and honest manner, inviting the viewer to be part of the conversation.”

As a special launch offer, Betty is offering mini outdoor portrait sessions. “These sessions are 20 minutes long and designed to help small businesses be more visible by creating a small but beautiful set of portraits with stunning Bath backdrops,” explained Betty. “I create a mixture of portraits and head shots that can be used on a website, social media or as a new profile picture.

‘At a cost of £45, it is the most affordable way to work with me and gives clients a taste of how I work. Also, if you are a little nervous in front of the camera, a 20 minute session is perfect for you as it is a really manageable amount of time.”

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