Ian Waller and his family enjoy a take away treat from Tapas Valencia in Green Park, Bath

If you’re looking for a family treat over the Easter break, then I can happily recommend a visit to Tapas Valencia, just outside Sainsbury’s in Green Park, Bath. This wonderful, family-owned business serves up some of the best home made Spanish tapas in Bath – just the thing for a family Easter picnic in one of Bath’s gorgeous parks.

I discovered Tapas Valencia as a result of my 13 year old son telling me that he’d just tasted the best churros around. Churros, just in case you have yet to try this gorgeous sweet treat, is a type of mini doughnut typically served with chocolate sauce and lashings of flavour – and it is pretty delicious…

It turns out that my son had been treated to a visit to the Tapas Valencia take away stall and was very impressed indeed. The result was that a few weeks later, we called by for a full family meal, going for one each of the eight dished available (ranging in price from £5 to £6 each), plus – of course – those churros desserts.

You have to try the albondigas – gorgeous!

The result of take away boxes full of fresh ingredients, beautifully cooked and packed with flavour. Take a look at the blackboard outside of the stall where the food is cooked and served, and you’ll see tortilla de patata (Spanish ommelette), calamares (fried battered squid), patatas bravas (chunky friend potatoes and alioli), croquetas (homemade bechamel croquettes), fish gujones, mini chorizo and padron pepper, albondigas (minced pork meatballs) and ensaladilla rusa (salad), and you’ll see what we feasted on.

Just picking out the hightlights, the calamares was simply the best calamari I have ever had, the fish gujones were moist and gorgeous, and I’ve have happily made do with a plate full of the croquetas and a cold lager! All in all, this was a real treat.

Calamares, croquetas and patatas bravas

Now one word of warning – Tapas Valencia stop serving at 4pm, so if you’re looking for a family evening meal, you’ll have to either eat early or warm the food up later – which, in fact is what we ended up doing. Fortunately, it still tasted superb and we are already absolutely planning a return very soon.

Best of all, the lovely family who own and put all of the hard work into creating the gorgeous food at Tapas Valencia are so friendly to their customers. So if you get a chance, call by soon, say hello and enjoy a taste of Spain.