The Royal High School Bath is hosting a series of unique, hands-on sessions for girls to attend, open to pupils at any school.

These free sessions have been designed to welcome the local community to the school, and range from Choral and Cyber Workshops, to a French Adventure and Outdoor Discovery session for little ones!

They offer a perfect opportunity for pupils from schools across the area to experience the facilities and caring, supportive atmosphere of Royal High School Bath, while also having lots of fun and picking up new skills along the way.

24 April

French Adventures with Wellie Bear for Nursery – Year 2


Come and join Wellie, our school bear and her friends on a language adventure as she starts to learn French! A 30-minute interactive session of songs, games and rhymes.

Choral Workshop for Year 4 + 5


Join girls from schools across the country and sing your heart out at the RHS Choral Workshop! You’ll be sent a video ahead of the day, to help you learn the song, then we’ll all come together to perform it virtually!

12 June

Outdoor Discovery for Year 2 + 3

Royal High Prep School, Cranwell House, Weston Park East, BA1 2UZ

An exciting outdoor learning event for girls in Year 2 and 3 at any school. The girls will be immersing themselves in creativity, making sculptures of the Cranwell animals from natural materials, finding out about trees and leaves through leaf art, and exploring the use of maps for a spot of orienteering.

Cyber Warriors for Year 4 + 5 (at Senior School)

Royal High Senior School, Lansdown Road, BA1 5SZ

This hands-on event gets to the very heart of STEM – problem-solving!

Join the Computer Science and Mathematics departments to make puzzles and crack codes around the school, using augmented reality (AR) and GPS tracking. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet current RHS students and to work as part of a team. The finalé will be a puzzle designing competition that will be used in the first-ever Royal High School Bath geocache that girls and their families will be invited to enjoy!

Visit for more information and to sign up. Once registered, you’ll receive further details ahead of the event.