Six year old Luc from Weston All Saints School in Bath is taking on an incredible feat of running a marathon in a week to raise funds for his cousin, Andrew.

Andrew, a keen runner, was admitted to hospital in 2017 to have a massive brain tumour removed. However, as a result of complications which saw Andrew being in a coma and suffering from locked in syndrome for several weeks, he is now in need a 24 hours care, a costly extension to his home, specialist adaptations for the wheelchair, equipment and rehabilitation therapies, all in order to spend time with his wife and and daughters, aged seven and four.

So far Luc is on day four of his challenge, which is seeing him running nearly four miles a day! In total he hopes to raise £5,000 to help Andrew, with donations coming in every day!

“We’re so proud of Luc, he’s determined to finish it and delighted every time a donation comes in,” said proud mum Angela. “It’s a big challenge for a small boy! We’ve planned out a final route for him on Tuesday evening from Lower Weston, to Weston Village near school then back to Victoria Park for his final finish.  We’re hoping to let school and locals know the timings and the route for some cheering on.  His dad will run with him, complete with a collection bucket on the final day.”

To find out more about Luc’s remarkable fundraising and to make a donation, click here.