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Five lambs have been born this week at Bath City Farm – the latest additions to the much-loved family of animals at the Farm, which includes goats, Pam the pig, hens, ducks, geese, Dexter cows, two Shetland ponies and a rabbit.   

The new arrivals – twins and triplets – were born on 30 March and their mothers are Norfolk Horn sheep, which is designated as a rare bread. The sheep arrived from Countryfile presenter Adam Henson’s Farm in autumn 2020.

Bath City Farm will be re-opening to the public on the 13 April when visitors will be able to come and see the new additions.  

The Farm celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020. It was set up by local people, who campaigned to save this special 37-acre green place located between Twerton and Southdown in the west of the city and establish a City Farm back in 1995.

To help support the work of the Farm you can donate via All the money donated will help feed the animals and support the Farms work in the local community.