Lee Browne of Browne Gas and Heating offers his top five tips for families looking to save on their heating costs

With the warmer months here, it is the perfect time to get your boiler and central heating system working to its full potential so that they’re ready and prepared for the colder months to come. A well-maintained boiler will save you money in the long term, both in terms of running costs and avoiding expensive repairs.

BOILER SERVICE To make sure your boiler is running safely and efficiently you should have your boiler serviced regularly. A poorly maintained and inefficient boiler could waste money and energy. Our annual service will include a full inspection of the appliance according to the manufacture recommendations.

RADIATORS If your radiators feel cold at the bottom or have cold spots and you are constantly bleeding them, your system could benefit from a Chemical System Flush. This will reduce your energy bills, help maintain the life and efficiency of a boiler, and clean out the build-up of debris in your central heating system

ROOM THERMOSTAT Turning down your room thermostat to 1 or 2 degrees could save you 10% on your bills over the year, and you won’t even notice the difference of temperature

TURN RADIATORS DOWN IN ROOMS THAT YOU DON’T USE And if you don’t have them already, have thermostatic radiator valves installed which will enable you to control the temperature in each room.

CLOSE DOORS AND WINDOWS It may seem obvious but to keep the heat in the room, keep doors and windows closed in every room when heating is on.

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Saving money on your bills shouldn’t have to mean compromising your comfort. If you need more information on energy and efficiency do not hesitate to get in contact with Browne Gas and Heating on 07899 817904 and email hidden; JavaScript is required