St Michael’s Primary School in Bath has received a donation for £600 from the Co-op to help the school repair its play bus which has been vandalised for the second time.

The bus was donated to the school by FirstBus in September 2019 and was first attacked by vandals in December of that year. Following a second, more recent attack, which has left all of the glass on the bus broken, the school is looking to raise £5,000 to repair this valuable school resource.

“The donation means so much after the toughest of years,” explained Clare Greene, the Headteacher at St Michael’s. “Due to Covid restrictions, the children haven’t been able to play together in the same way and share the play bus for a short period as we weren’t able to let any of them use it. Then each bubble took it in turns and the children were always so happy and excited when it was their turn and so very proud of it.

“Now again following more vandalism it is unusable. This donation and that of the gofundme page means we can repair, re-stock and hopefully be back using it soon. The fact that some of our parents work for Co-op and have been invaluable key workers throughout the pandemic, makes it mean even more.”

To make a donation towards repairs for the bus, please click here