Year 10 and 11 students from Three Ways School in Bath have been enjoying fishing sessions organised through Fishing 4 School. The school has been running the sessions for the last seven years, offering students six-eight week blocks as a great way to help with safety near water, concentration, team work and being outside. It is also a really accessible hobby for the young people, given the right support.

“From a teachers point of view, Fishing with Fishing4schools offers students something unique that is impossible to achieve in the classroom,” explained Three Ways teacher, Pippa Harding. “It allows excitement, achievement and success, as well as  a sense of calm and stillness many young people have not experienced before. The patient coaches, who radiate passion about their sport, have a lovely manner and consequently engage the toughest of customers! Always an amazing experience that allows young people to take part in a sport they may take up and enjoy for years to come.”

Among the students taking part, Brandon commented, “It was cool because we got to fish with our friends,” with Bradley adding, “I found it interesting because you learn how to fish properly.”