On International Make Music Day, 21 June, at 2.15pm, two Wiltshire youth choirs will release a new music video to celebrate the life-changing role that music has played in bringing people of all abilities across Wiltshire together since the pandemic took hold.  

Together – Song for Wiltshire was commissioned by Wiltshire Music Connect – the Music Education Hub for Wiltshire – during lockdown last year. The Soundabout Inclusive Choir for Wiltshire and the Wiltshire Youth Choir met online earlier this year to learn the song and record the powerful music video.

Members of the Wiltshire Youth Choir

The video of Together – A Song For Wiltshire, which features the choir members singing against an animated Wiltshire skyline, will be released at exactly the same moment as 7,000 pupils in 45 schools join forces to sing the song in playgrounds and school fields across the county.

This mass singalong is taking place on 21 June to mark International Make Music Day, a global annual celebration of music making.

Together – Song for Wiltshire was written by Tim Gilvin and Louise Jordan and video, was produced by Figment Productions and the teams from Soundabout and the Wiltshire Youth Choir. 

The Sound About Inclusive Choir for Wiltshire

Cassie Tait, Head of Creative Learning & Community Engagement at Wiltshire Music Centre, home of the Wiltshire Youth Choir said, “This project has been a joy to be involved with. Creating the video has given the choirs the chance to meet and sing with other passionate young singers of different abilities across Wiltshire and promote the value and enjoyment of singing together.”

Clare Cook, CEO of the charity Soundabout, added, “The Soundabout Inclusive Choir for Wiltshire brings together children and young people of all abilities, and this project has given our members an exciting opportunity to build their confidence and hone their musical skills with an even greater community of supportive and talented musicians.”

Together – Song for Wiltshire will go live on 21 June at 2.15pm via YouTube at https://youtu.be/8QYLI4XdaWM

Wiltshire Music Connect are asking people to let them know if you hear the song on the day by using #TogetherSongWiltshire on social media.