Pupils from St Margaret’s Prep in Calne produced an innovative presentation to win a top award in the First LEGO League regional heats.  

The HIPSters, a team of Year 6 pupils from the Wiltshire prep, competed in the online robotics tournament against 12 other schools from all over the South-West.  

“Our Year 6 pupils had to design solutions for real world problems and build a mission-solving robot made of LEGO,” explained Head of Computing at St Margaret’s, Mike Callahan. “This years’ challenge required the children to invent a device or system that would encourage people to spend more time exercising and less time on their computing screens.  Our team, The HIPSters, had been working towards this day for some time and the all-day online tournament certainly tested the team’s research, programming and presenting skills.”

At the closing ceremony, the team was awarded with one of the most prestigious awards, The Core Values Award, which goes to the team that has shown the greatest enthusiasm, the best sporting spirit, the most extraordinary respect for its own team members and the most support for other teams in the competition.  

“We are so proud of our team who have worked tirelessly on the programming and presentation aspects of the tournament for many months,” added Mr Callahan said. “The team showed such enthusiasm and a sense of fair play throughout, and it is so pleasing to see the judges recognising our achievements with the Core Values Award.”