Get your motor running, head out on the farm tracks for some real family adventure!

Now this is a lot of fun! Three children, two adults, electric motorbikes and muddy farm track – what more do you need!

Baboon Adventures is located just on the edge of Swindon – about 45 from Bath and closer still from West Wiltshire – and offers a chance to check out your inner Easy Rider biker dreams. We were booked in for 4pm one Monday afternoon and after a very warm welcome from the team, a short walk took us to our trusty steeds.

The electric bikes and trikes on offer are super easy to ride – it’s just a couple of breaks and a twist throttle, and we were soon off for a practice ride around a field, just to make sure we were safe and in control. Anyone aged 12 or more can drive, with younger bikers taking the pillion seats.

Then we were off, following our guide Harley in single file along the dirt routes of the farm track, with Alex at the rear to make sure no-one dropped behind. Straightaway we were glad we’d brought a change of clothes – the rain earlier in the day ensured that there was plenty of mud flying around, although actually this just added to the fun and competitions quickly developing about who had the muckiest legs!

It takes very little time to master the bikes and trikes, and in no time the speeds were increasing as we charged along muddy tracks or slowed down for the more demanding and twisty, turny off road sections. With regular stops to make sure everyone was OK, in no time the nervous grins had developed into full on smiles and requests from the children to return with their mates for a birthday treat.

By the time we were starting our second circuit, the speeds increased and the yelps of excitement amplified. Yes, there were a couple of minor entanglements with bushes and even a couple of tumbles – with the guides quickly on hand to make sure everyone was OK – but nothing serious enough to remove the grins or slow down down the adventure.

For us, the really great part of the adventure was that all of the family – from youngest for teeangers and even the oldies – took part and loved it, with no-one falling behind or feeling left out. The hour or so’s riding came to an end far too quickly, with just time for the obligatory group shots.

Can we recommend the Baboon Adventures’ Fully Guided Off Road Electric Scooter Tour? Yes, absolutely, with bells on. This was wonderful fun, out in the country with no a screen in sight and everyone loving it. Go on, get your motor running and give it a go! 

Baboon Adventures

Fully Guided Off Road Electric Scooter Tour

£35pp for a driver, £15pp for a passenger