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Children from across a range of nurseries in the Bath area are enjoying learning about the natural world through growing their own fruit and vegetables. The children are all members of the Midford Road, Oldfield Road and Neston Farm nurseries, and enjoying learning about nature as part of their busy days of play and learning. 

The children at Midford Road Nursery, for example, love spending time at their nearby allotment throughout the year. “Children work hard watering our plants, planting seeds and de-weeding alongside wonderful opportunities to experience responsibility, ownership and life skills,” explains deputy manager Stacey Oliver.

Neston Farm Nursery, meanwhile, has a growing garden onsite, with the children starting to reap the rewards of a summer of care. This includes recently picking runner beans and finding out about the beautiful seeds inside.

“We also take advantage of the natural offerings that each season brings,” added Amy Parfitt, the nurseries’ director. “The children at Oldfield Road Nursery have enjoyed picking delicious wild blackberries during their forest school trips, which they shared as part of their morning snack. 

“These activities are beneficial for children of all ages. Exploring the plants provides a wealth of sensory experiences, children learn about the changing seasons in a tangible way and they get excited about eating healthily! 

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