A visit by Viking invaders to The Grove Primary school in Trowbridge has helped to bring history to life for the pupils there. As part to their learning about the lives, cultures and beliefs of the Vikings, the children enjoyed a visit from Viking Orff, courtesy of the amazing team from Portals To The Past who supply immersive history workshops to schools across the region.

The day started with an introduction to where the Vikings came from, which built on the children’s previous stuies around why the Vikings attacked – for food, money and land! This led children onto a ‘self-discovery’ session to find out about ancient Viking facts including how they travelled and the pastimes they enjoyed.

As part of the activities, the children had fun playing a board game Fox and Geese, similar to Othello, before practicing their their ‘shield wall’ and learning how to attack using swords – as demonstrated by two willing volunteers. The day ended with a Viking burial.

“It was fantastic to see the excitement and enjoyment of children learning practically, after 18 months without visitors,” said teacher Andy Cottie. “A great day was had by all!”