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For business-mum Kelly Johnson, the idea for Little Grub organic meals came when she became a mum to her daughter Lila. “When I had my little girl, I made all my own food for her, like most parents try and do. But then, there were those time when as a single parent I was just too busy, too tired and life somehow got in the way.

“For a while, I chose the meal pouches available in most supermarkets, but then I noticed that they were actually older than my daughter! Then, after looking into these more I wondered why there were all the same horrible brown colour and the bolognaise also tasted like the apple and pear puree!

A choice of meals for children from six months

“I decided that I wanted to make something that would be fresh, nutritious, healthy and organic, and convenient as well. So along with my brother Gordon – who was facing the same issues with his son – I came up with Little Grub to provide a selection of meals starting from purees for children from six months, dishes that are slightly blended for children from seven months, and little mini meals including Organic Lemon Chicken With Greens And Quinoa, and Organic Aubergine And Potato Curry With Turmeric Brown Rice for children from 12 months up to four years old.

“All of the meals are allergen free, plus we we make the most of the natural flavours of the peas and beetroot to give the meals all of the sweetness that they needs, while also getting babies used to the vegetable taste of kale and broccoli. In fact, we’ve heard that the purees are great for all ages, with adults saying how much they like them on toast and crackers, as well as dippers!

Organic lemon chicken with greens and quinoa

“We also make sure that all of our produce is 100% organic and comes from amazing British farms including Riverford, Gazegill, Coombe farms and Isle of Wight tomatoes. We deliver all over the UK in chilled boxes that stay cold for up to 36 hours, which also makes them great to get sent to a holiday home or hotel and have them waiting for you to arrive. I also have clients who take a little cool box with meals and an ice pack with our seven day meals to their house in Spain.”

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