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Pupils from Beechen Cliff School and Hayesfield Girls’ School in Bath will be taking to the stage for their first joint production, which this year will be the original feel-good musical Oklahoma! at the Roper Theatre, Bath, from the 28-31 March.

Beechen Cliff and Hayesfield have invited Bath Theatre School to produce the production with over 60 of their students. Beechen Cliff has worked in partnership with Bath Theatre School for a number of years and  partnership productions have earned multiple award nominations with an award for their inaugural musical, Guys and Dolls.

This year Hayesfield Girls’ School has joined the partnership, which will see the production staged at their state-of-the-art theatre. This will continue to build upon the performing opportunities on offer, with professional lighting, scenery and costumes.

In addition, the Beechen Cliff and Hayesfield student technical team, teaching staff and parent volunteers will be providing the off-stage support to deliver the large-scale musical production, alongside an orchestra made up of Hayesfield and Beechen Cliff students who are providing the timeless music.

This collaboration is one of many between Beechen Cliff and Hayesfield as part of their affiliation within the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership and the Bath Hub. The schools have their own unique characteristics and vision but also a joint ambition, along with St Mark’s School, to enable all students across the city of Bath to achieve their aspirations and personal growth through a high-quality curriculum offer and a wide range of exciting and engaging opportunities and experiences.

For both Beechen Cliff and Hayesfield, this opportunity to perform brings with it a wealth of creative opportunities for students on and off the stage, whilst supporting a wide variety of key life skills that will support the personal development and confidence both at school and as members of the local community.

Ex-pupil of Beechen Cliff and Bath Theatre School’s Principal, Tom Bright, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Beechen Cliff School once again and to be joined by Hayesfield Girls’ School, to share our expertise to bring musical theatre and the opportunity to perform into school life.

“The scale of the productions is unlike anything available at any other school in the area and we commend both schools for pursuing these ambitious projects. The students have loved recreating such a classic musical which is as popular now as it was in the 50s.”

With critics praising previously shows as a ‘visual spectacle’, with ‘first class performances’ which gave students ‘an excellent opportunity to utilise and showcase their training in a high-quality production,’ be sure to get your tickets to see this timeless classic.

Tickets to see Oklahoma! can be purchased for £14/£12 (U18s) from or by calling 01225 640046. The show runs Tuesday the 28 March until Friday the 31 March with performances starting at 7pm at The Roper Theatre, Bath.

To find out more information about Beechen Cliff and Hayesfield please visit their websites – and