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Tanya Browne and her family enjoy a new show full of music and song

Our little girl is always very excited when we say we are going to The Egg Theatre in Bath. This time it was to enjoy Wonderland, a playful show full of music and song.

We arrived early as we like to enjoy a nice cup of coffee from the cafe while our little girl has a snack before the show. The staff welcomed us with a big smile and explain where we should park our pram. When they called us for the show, we all went to the first floor and chose our comfy seats.

A couple of minutes later one of the musician/actress explained what to expect from the show, which was great to know before hand when having busy toddlers.

From beginning to end the show was simply wonderful for the little ones and all the family. It tells the tale of a young person and her new friend Robin discovering a magic garden through the changing season. Featuring musicians from City of London Sinfonia and a South Indian percussionist, Wonderland is a playful show full of music and song to delight our youngest audiences and remind us all of the joy of childhood imagination and wonder.

I could see all the little faces focused on the show and all very excited for what was coming next. The musicians from City of London Sinfonia were just amazing. At the end of the performance we could all go onto the stage for some playtime and dancing. Our little girl was so excited to be able to play with the instruments especially the cello.

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