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Halloween is coming early, thanks to FEAR Scream Park at Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park in Keynsham. For one night only, the park is opening its doors early to offer a summer experience that will have fear-seekers jumping for joy and scaredy cats cowering in the corner. 

On Saturday 13th July, brave visitors can join FEAR Summer Frights and embark on a 40 minute walkthrough of some of the most spine-chilling attractions as part of its acclaimed New World Order story. Thrill-seekers will navigate the darkened corridors of X4 Blackout, plunge into the murky depths of The Core and face mind-bending and memory-erasing VITA NOVA treatments in the duration of their visit, with mutants, doctors and electric chairs to keep their heart rates up throughout the experience.

The one-night-only event will give scare junkies an early taste of the frights on offer at FEAR Scream Park, ahead of its longer run of scare nights from Friday 11 October until Sunday 2 November. 

FEAR Summer Frights offers a linear walk around the installations, allowing groups to stick together as they navigate the terrifying world of FEAR, with a bar situated at the beginning and end of the walkthrough. Guests can enjoy heart-stoppingly delicious drinks and snacks to keep the adrenaline pumping they make their way through the interactive scare maze.

Sam Bott, Creative Director at FEAR Scream Park, said, “Who says spooky season has to start in October? FEAR Summer Frights offers the perfect dose of fear-induced adrenaline to see horror-lovers through until Autumn. The linear experience of three of our most exhilarating attractions is a new way for visitors to enjoy the park and to learn more about the New World Order narrative that we have created to elevate the experience.”

FEAR Summer Frights tickets are available now and can be booked online now at

Not suitable for anyone under 16, guests between the ages of 16-18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. More information about FEAR Summer Frights and FEAR Scream Park in October and November can be found at