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Chris Birtle from SLIC Electrical in Melksham explains why it’s so crucial that the electrical system in your family home is completely up to date.

Chris Birtle and his team at SLIC Electrical have built a strong reputation for high quality and reliable electrical services for homeowners and light commercial businesses across the Wiltshire and North East Somerset region. Here he explains why it is important to make sure that the electrical system in a family home is completely up to date?

“We will always recommend ensuring that your electrical system is safe by having a Electrical Installation Condition Report completed at set intervals (Determined by the Electrician depending on many variables),” explained Chris. “You will often hear this being called an EICR or Landlord Safety Report. This should always be kept up to date and advice from the professional would be provided. If a fire or an accident should occur, if you have not got an in date test certificate, house and other insurances may become voided.”

What are the most common electrical upgrades needed in family homes?

“Our most common electrical upgrades are additional sockets added around the home as a result of lot of older properties usually have only one socket per bedroom. We recommend that when adding additional sockets for people to consider sockets that have USB and/or USB-C ports, as many of your smaller electrical items such as mobile phones and tablets, tend to rely on USB charging.

“Another common upgrade that we undertake is lighting, such as upgrading to LED lighting or additional lighting points to create a personalised style or mood setting to your liking or requirement.”

SLIC Electrical fitting an electric car charging point

What are the benefits of making sure that the electrical system is as up to date as possible?

“The benefits of ensuring your electrical system is up to date is for your own peace of mind, reducing the risk of fire and electrocution. Around 20,000 fires in the UK (according to Government statistics) are caused by electrical faults and faulty appliances each year.

“We also always recommend ensuring your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, and to test them regularly. The  majority of newer alarms are interlinked, which means that if one alarm sounds then all alarms around the home will sound, meaning that you will always be able to hear them if the worst should ever happen. 

It’s always advisable to update the electrical system in a family home

“Also an up to date system will incorporate devices known as RCD or RCBO. These devices are designed to cut off the power to a circuit and reduce the risk of fatal electrocution. Technology in the electrical sector is always advancing to create a safer, cleaner and more energy efficient home.”

What top tips can you provide for a family looking to cut the cost of its electrical supply?

“Our top tips for energy saving is by upgrading all lightbulbs in the home to LED. The upfront cost of an led lightbulb is more expensive but this will be recouped within a few months, while the life expectancy is longer than incandescent and fluorescent lighting. This could save an average household around £150 per year.

“Alongside this, making sure appliances are switched off completely when not in use as standby mode still uses energy. Also, kettles are one of the most used and highest energy drawing appliances in the kitchen, so by only boiling enough water each time you use the kettle can help keep electricity costs down.”

Chris Birtle, SLIC Electrical

For any further queries about the electrical system in your family home, call Chris and his team at 07725 122885 / 01225 970250 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required