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A group of talented children from St Saviour’s School in Bath recently showcased their impressive debating skills at a competition held at the Royal High School. The debate team, consisting of children from various year groups, took on the challenge of formulating arguments on previously unseen topics, demonstrating their ability to think critically and communicate effectively.

The children had been preparing for this competition as part of the school’s Oracy project, which focuses on developing children’ speaking and listening skills. Through this project, the children were able to hone their ability to form strong arguments and engage in meaningful debates on a range of topics, including the school curriculum and the age-old question of whether dogs are better than cats.

“The first debate was nerve-wracking as it was my first time at a debating competition,” shared Edith, from Year 6. “My legs turned to jelly during the first debate, but I was much more confident during the second debate. Overall, this was one of the best days and other children would really enjoy this experience.”

Head of School, Sophie Hunt, expressed her pride in the children’ performance, saying, “I was so impressed with how the children conducted themselves. They worked collaboratively to form their arguments and then shared them clearly, listening to the challenges from the other teams and responding respectfully. It’s an important skill to be able to debate, learning how to put across your views and understanding that people may disagree with your opinion and that these opinions may change.”

St Saviour’s is committed to providing children with opportunities to develop their oracy skills and build confidence in expressing their opinions. The school looks forward to continuing to nurture the debating talents of its children and empowering them to make a positive impact using their voices in the community.

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