84 girls from an 35 different primary schools (including RHS Juniors) recently attended an outreach workshop of Science Detectives and Dance at the Royal High School, Bath. With a huge waiting list for the workshop, it was no surprise that those who had gained a place were excited, enthusiastic and keen to get going!

The Science Detectives were attempting a ‘whodunnit’ mystery throughout the morning, looking at evidence in each of the labs and using specialist equipment to solve the mystery and make a guess as to who was responsible for the crime. When Mr Hardcastle gave the verdict at the end of the morning, there was an audible intake of breath from our young scientists, most of whom had guess the right answer in the end. Armed with a suitably scientific RHS magnifying glass, they left inspired, keen and some even taking the time to stop and discuss future career aspirations as scientists.

On the same day, ancers enjoyed the second workshop of three this year, working on a BFG themed dance. Some 30 dancers, inspired by Lucy Thynne and several helpers fresh from the week of four dance shows, worked extremely well with each other to put together their own dance piece by the end of the morning. The school is looking forward to the ‘performance workshop’ in July when the finished dance will be unveiled.